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Dining Out, Internet Style
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All the great reviews are not much help, however, if you do not know what the restaurant serves! That's where Menu Online comes in. This is an interactive restaurant information service providing actual menus and other information. Not only can you search by restaurant name, location, or food type, but you also can search by specific item. So, if you're craving roasted duck, you can look to see who has it on their menu. Search results include a full menu, restaurant address, phone number, and a detailed map on how to get there.

What if you were hoping to get in dinner and a movie for the evening? Would you believe there's actually a site specifically designed to help you coordinate that? Hop on over to DinnerAndAMovie.Com, plug in your city or zip code, and the results will show you which movies are playing in that area alongside eating establishments near the theater. Pretty nifty!

Once you've decided on a restaurant, reservations are as simple as point and click--just stop by Savvy Diner and submit your request. Savvy Diner is a service of Dine Resources, Inc., a company that provides a comprehensive restaurant referral system, mainly used by hotels. Think of Savvy Diner as your personal assistant--the database is built on the cumulative knowledge and opinions of hotel concierges from coast to coast. This service is especially handy for travelers because you can track down the best spots well in advance and easily make reservations before your trip.

In a perfect world, all of theses services would be merged into one mega site, an ultimate online dining guide. But until then, there's still some fun in surfing around to find the best of the best for your dining excursions.

Best wishes & happy dining!

The Webicurean™

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