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The Art of Beer
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barrels Some of the best beers being brewed today are the product of "microbreweries." The popularity of microbrewed beer is growing, as evidenced by the number of brew pubs popping up all over the world. What makes this beer so special? Microbrewed beer tends to have a more robust flavor than its mass-produced, canned counterpart, and since brew pubs make their own beer, you'll find a wide assortment of flavors to suite your tastes.

A great place to track down the best brews around is on the Real Beer site. In addition, you'll find libraries packed with articles relating to microbreweries and home brewing, as well as a directory of the best brewzines online. Another good source is the Beer Travelers site with an online guide to microbreweries and brew pubs, sorted by state. Be sure to subscribe to their free newsletter for the latest brewing information.

While venturing out in search of the best brew is great fun, it's possible to create that rich microbrew taste in your own home. The Amercian Homebrewers Association provides information about home brewing, including current information about which states have legalized home brewing. This is a great place to check on whether there are any restrictions in your area, plus there's a searchable database of recipes and tips to help get you started.

With few exceptions, most states do allow home brewing of beers and wine; however, anything over 15 percent alcohol requires a still and is illegal in most states. The Beer Info Source virtual library offers a fairly complete list of home brew supply outlets. (Even though you won't need a still, you'll still need other supplies!)


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Looking for a special place to take Mom this Mother's Day? Here are some resources!

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Beer Travelers
Homebrewers Assoc
Beer Info
Home Brew Clubs
Beer & Wine Forum
Brew It Yourself
Home Brew Directory
Brewing Techniques
Homebrew Adventures
Brewtown USA
National Homebrew Competition

Here are a few terms you'll run across in the beer world:

Alcohol. An intoxicating by-product of fermentation, which is caused by yeast acting on the sugars in the malt. Alcohol content is expressed as a percentage of volume or weight.

Ale. One of the larger families of beers. True ales are fermented with top-fermenting yeast. They are low in carbonation and served warm.

Beer. A fermented beverage made from barley. hops, water, and yeast, and sometimes other ingredients.

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