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pumpkins Halloween offers the perfect opportunity to get together with friends before the hectic winter holiday season gets underway. Here are some easy entertaining tips to help you throw a great party without a lot of fuss.



  • Set the tone: choose invitations that match your theme. Is it a costume party? Sophisticated cocktails? Let your guests know what to expect.
  • Set the stage: line your sidewalk or driveway with a glowing row of carved pumpkins. Greet your guests with a glass of champagne or sparkling apple cider. Consider adding your own personal twist like white pumpkins instead of the traditional orange ones.
  • Add Boo to the buffet: your food doesn't have to be elaborate, but remember that presentation is everything, so display your food artfully, in Halloween-themed serving dishes. If you're serving soup or stew, consider using hollowed out miniature pumpkins or gourds as serving dishes.
  • Serve a special drink: fancy cocktails are in vogue, so why not mix up a batch of Halloween drinks? Adding dry ice to your punch bowl is an easy way to create an eerie fog effect.

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