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Herbal Magic
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How do you put this information to use? For starters, you can create your own home spa and soak in a luxurious herbal bath. By brewing a simple herb infusion, you can take yourself away, right in your own bathtub. As an example, if you've had a particulary strenuous day, both physically and mentally, a rosemary and lavender bath will do wonders. To make a simple herb infusion, bring a pot of water to boiling and remove from heat. Steep 1/8 cup rosemary and 1/8 cup lavender in the water for approximately 20 minutes. Strain the herbs and add the scented water to your bath. Voila! Of course, for added relaxation, you should surround yourself with candlelight and your favorite soft music.

Herbal baths provide some very real physical and emotional benefits by calming nerves and stimulating blood flow. It's My Nature in Oregon has put together a great collection of herbal bath recipes, plus they have a bi-annual newsletter to which you can subscribe for further information about herbal therapy. If you'd prefer a little expert advice before dabbling, visit the Natural Medicine Forum on CompuServe where you can interact directly with health care professionals and other interested individuals. You'll also find plenty of files relating to herbal therapy in the forum library, from quick tips to handy utilities.

Too much work to do this all at home? Why not treat yourself to a day spa where you will find herbal baths plus a full suite of other services to pamper your weary soul. One fantastic resource is just a few mouse clicks away at Spa Magazine Online. Not only do they bring the full contents of their print publication right to your screen, but they also provide a searchable database of spas worldwide so that you can pamper yourself where ever you go.

As you can see, herbs go far beyond teasing your palate. They have the ability to stimulate the mind and the soul and can provide a wonderful pick-me-up to carry us through these cold winter months.

Best wishes & happy surfing!

The Webicurean™

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1/8 cup lavender
1/8 cup rosemary

Bring a pot of water to boiling and remove from heat. Steep rosemary and lavender in the water for approximately 20 minutes. Strain the herbs and add the scented water to your bath.

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