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 Webicurean    Halloween Safety Tips

Before sending your little goblins out, here are a few safety tips to keep in mind:
  • Make sure costumes are flame-retardant and light or bright in color. Dark costumes should have strips of glow in the dark tape along the back.
  • Use face paints rather than a mask which can obstruct both breathing and vision.
  • Make sure your child has (1) a name tag complete with your address and phone number, (2) change to make a phone call, and (3) a flashlight
  • Young children should be accompanied by an adult, and no child should go out alone.
  • Trick or treat only in familiar neighborhoods and set a time for when your children should return home.
  • Children should never accept rides from strangers (If they need a ride, they should use the change you gave them to call!)
  • Treats should not be eaten until the child is home so that you can inspect everything first.
  • Check all treats for signs of tampering and discard all loose and homemade treats (unless you know the person who provided them)

Special Note To Drivers: Please be EXTRA CAUTIOUS in residential areas!

These are probably the most key tips to remember, however, there are lots more available online. Here are some sites which have not only safety tips but also include other fun stuff such as creepy cuisine, spooky entertainment, haunted crafts, virtual ghost houses, and the complete history of this demonic holiday:
Have questions about making this holiday a safe adventure for your whole family? Visit our message boards and get tips and tricks from other members.

Best wishes for a safe holiday!

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