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 Webicurean    Trick or Treat!

Image: Pumpkin Halloween celebrations date back over two thousand years, originally descending from the Celtic festival "Samhain" -- a harvest festival marking the death of the old year and the beginning of the new one. While the festival itself was one of joy, the Celts believed "Samhain" to be the "Lord of Death" who allowed spirits to return to their former homes on earth, only on October 31.

Halloween traditions have evolved some over the years, but today the only spirits returning home will be children toting the bounty of their own "trick or treat" harvest!

Halloween Safety Tips
Did you know that those cute plastic masks can obstruct your child's breathing and vision? If you're sending your precious little ones out trick-or-treating this year, take a moment to read a few important safety tips that will help keep them out of harm's way.

Image: pumpkin carving Creepy Crafts
Scary silhouettes, creepy crawly spider bracelets, ghost wind socks, Halloween luminaries -- it's all here in our new page for crafts and other crafty sites.

Image: candy corn Halloween Recipes
What's brewing in your kitchen this Halloween? We've assembled an eerie collection of recipes and links that are sure to bewitch your friends.

Image: Witch Puzzle Screensaver Screensavers and Other Fun Stuff
We've been scouring the Net in search of the best Halloween screensavers around. Our friends at T & C Soft Computing have created quite a few of these delightful screensavers, so take a moment to browse through our screensavers section for these and others. Be sure to check back frequently as we continue to ramp up this area.

If you're more interested in games and other funky things, our games section is filling out nicely with treats such as Hershey's Haunted Chocolate Factory, Ben & Jerry's Virtual Pumpking Carving, and more.

Coming Soon
Didn't think we'd stop there, did you? Check back in the next few weeks as we add new sections for:

In addition, Creepy Games and Tricks & Treats will both expand to full sections, bringing you even more goulish treats!

Halloween Online

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